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Our in-home services

We get to know the real you- not just the diagnosis.

Our Services

Physical Therapy


Our physical therapists work with you in the comfort of your home to improve and restore your mobility and muscle strength.

We are experienced in helping with recovery from issues such as fall injuries, joint replacement surgeries, stroke-related disabilities and general deconditioning. Your individual treatment plan is designed based on your needs, with the goal of achieving the highest quality of life possible.

Occupational Theraypy


Our occupational therapy services keep your dignity in the forefront of our care.

Our therapists can help you regain your independence and mobility by helping you achieve goals in performing daily living skills such as bathing, grooming, dressing and using the restroom on your own.

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Pathology

Speech therapy focuses on helping patients maximize their skills and abilities to live independently.

Our speech language pathologists are experts in oral and motor cognition. They are there as a professional resource to help you improve your swallowing, mental processing and language skills.


Balance and
Fall Prevention


Dementia &
Alzheimer’s Care

Customized Wellness

Customized Wellness Programs

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