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Wound care is a simple yet time consuming process. Whether you have gotten scraped or accidently cut yourself with a knife, your body is going to take its time to heal that wound. Wound healing occurs in different stages and every stage needs some sort of care to be executed optimally. The certified physicians at all H2 Health clinics are experienced in wound care. Whether your wound is a simple abrasion or infected, we will deliver you the right treatment plan and education to heal your wound.

Stages of Wound Care

Wounds are a natural part of life. Whether you're dealing with a paper cut or a more serious injury, the healing process is generally the same. Once the bleeding has stopped, your body will begin to repair the damage by forming new tissue and cells. This process can be divided into four distinct stages: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. Each stage is marked by specific changes that occur in your wound.

Although every stage of wound healing needs proper care, wound care becomes imperative in the early stages. If not dealt with properly, your wound might bleed too much, get infected, or even cause systematic diseases like sepsis.

At H2 Health our doctors have trained in the primary care of the wound, as well as rehabilitation after an injury. The primary care team will assess the type and stage of the wound and promptly develop a treatment plan for you that will let you heal faster. Once your wound is stable, our physical therapy and occupational therapy teams will guide you on how to get back into your normal routine. For more information call us today at (800) 699-9395. You can also request an appointment online or visit us at your nearest H2 Health clinic.

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