Chronic disease management

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Let us help you manage your chronic disease while working toward your therapy goals! In addition to any therapy services, we also monitor blood press, O2 saturation, resting and working heart rates and other important vitals to keep you at peak health.

By incorporating comorbidities into our treatment, we can create a better plan of care and develop individual strengthening and endurance programs specific to your needs. We also are in constant communication with your team of physicians to make sure you are receiving the immediate care you deserve.

Stage 3 cardiac rehab

We follow the protocols to monitor vital signs, oversee medication results, and communicate effectively with your team of doctors to help you reach your rehabilitation goals! We also address any deconditioning to improve symptoms of chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure.

Breaking barriers

Our Breaking Barriers program is an innovative approach to improving skin integrity and insulin absorption rates for diabetic patients. We include soft tissue mobilization, mobility and flexibility therapeutic interventions and healthy lifestyle tips and education to improve overall health.

“I used to have pain at my injection sites and the skin was so hard. I was using more medication and more supplies. After this program, I am able to stabilize my A1C levels and my skin feels smooth again! Thanks H2 Health”
– Mary, former patient

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