Senior Living

A Better Way to Senior Living

If you are looking to add value to your community or increase the overall health and wellness of your residents, we are here to help. H2 Health Senior Care is a concierge rehabilitation model that is specifically designed with the senior in mind.

As a leading provider in outpatient rehabilitation services across the nation, we utilized our in-depth knowledge and experience to identify pain points within senior care communities and created a business division within our current healthcare company to address your specific needs.

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H2 Prime Living

H2 Prime Living, a concierge rehabilitation model, was created with the resident, the assisted living facility, physician and the home health agency in mind.

We believe that by placing highly educated and trained clinicians within the senior living community, working alongside the facility staff and interacting with the residents, we bridge the communication gap and create a healthier, safer living environment.

We make it our top priority to get to know each resident and their families personally and professionally.

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