Why In-Home Therapy?

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There's no place like home, and that's especially true for seniors. Whether it's for health, comfort, or financial reasons, staying at home is often the best option for older adults. But what if you need a little extra help? That's where at-home senior care comes in. H2 Health has developed an important service for seniors across many communities.

Why In-Home Therapy Services?

Sometimes getting to the appointment is half the battle. Not able to travel to receive outpatient therapy services? Not a problem! We bring outpatient therapy services to you. If you or a loved one are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery, or need assistance in managing a chronic medical condition, we’re here to help!

At-home senior care can take many forms, from occasional help with groceries or transportation to more comprehensive assistance with activities of daily living. No matter what level of care you need, there are caregivers who can help you stay in your own home and maintain your independence.

What to Expect

We deliver services according to treatment plans developed by a collaboration with our patients, their family members, physicians, and the home-based therapy team. We understand that each patient is unique and believe that their plan should embrace that. Our therapists go to your home to get to know the real you – not just the diagnosis.

Our therapy consists of the following protocol:

H2 Health is a home health therapy provider that offers in-home services for seniors. We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as home health aides and skilled nursing services. Our goal is to help seniors age in place and maintain their independence. We offer convenient, flexible scheduling and accept most insurance plans. Call us today at (800) 699-9395 to learn more about our services. H2 Health is your partner in aging gracefully!

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