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Treating the individual not just the injury

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Treating The Person, Not Just The Pain

Fort Worth Physical Therapy is proud to prove revolutionary relief from pain, injury, & weakness to patients across North Texas.

We believe in a whole-body therapy approach, treating both the pain patients are currently experiencing and the root causes of the pain. This mindset, coupled with compassionate care, works to achieve short-term pain relief and long-lasting results.

Outpatient Care & More

Personalized physical therapy programs designed to provide fast pain relief and long-term strength for patients of all ages.

Orthopedic treatment for adolescent athletes, professionals, and weekend warriors to come back from injury or achieve greater results.

Therapy programs created by certified hand specialists to promote pain relief and a return to full range of motion following injury or surgery.

Focused therapy & training programs customized to help each individual progressively adjust to daily life with a new prosthesis.

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Our Technology

In addition to having the most talented, caring, & experienced staff in North Texas, we also employ revolutionary equipment to achieve even greater results. Each piece of new technology we incorporate into our programs was chosen carefully to serve patients to the greatest degree possible.

  • DTS Triton® Spinal Decompression
  • Dry Needling
  • Astym®
  • LiteCure® Laser
  • Alter G®
  • ActivArmor™
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