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Patient getting help in post operative physical therapy

Post-Operative Physical Therapy and Your Surgery

September 30, 2022

Whether you have recently had surgery, or you’re scheduled to have surgery soon, it’s likely you want to get back to your normal routine as … Read more

Female Physiotherapist Is Examining To Her Patient.

A Patient’s Guide to Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy

September 27, 2022

If you’ve recently injured your rotator cuff, or you are recovering from rotator cuff surgery, your doctor may prescribe you with physical therapy to help … Read more

Child doing vestibular exercises

Is Vestibular Therapy Right for You?

September 25, 2022

If you’re having vestibular symptoms, such as dizziness, balance problems, motion sensitivity, etc., you’re not alone. Approximately 76 million Americans have vestibular (inner ear/balance) problems, … Read more

Shot Of A Young Man Experiencing Neck Pain After Waking Up In Bed At Home

How Physical Therapy Helps Neck Pain?

September 23, 2022

Millions of people suffer from neck pain every year, and for many, the only relief is through physical therapy. Physical therapy can include various treatments, … Read more

physiotherapy worker with woman

Shoulder Physical Therapy: What Physical Therapists Want Patients to Know

September 21, 2022

Physical therapists have seen it all when it comes to shoulder injuries. As such, they want patients to know a few things about shoulder physical … Read more

asian female office worker having migraine

Looking for Migraine Relief? How Physical Therapy Can Help

September 16, 2022

Do you suffer from migraines? If so, you know how hard it is to deal with these notorious throbbing headaches that don’t let you rest, … Read more

close up of a middle aged asian woman experiencing TMJ pain

TMJ: What Is It? How Can Physical Therapy Help?

August 26, 2022

When one thinks of physical therapy, the common image is of a trained therapist helping someone recover from an orthopedic injury or procedure involving the … Read more

Man Suffering From Knee Pain At Home, Closeup

Top Physical Therapy Exercises For Knee Pain

August 24, 2022

Knee pain is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of reasons, including a specific injury, overexertion, arthritis, or even simple wear … Read more

Sportsman Suffering From Backache At Park Outdoors. Back Pain. Sport Injury

Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain: Are You Getting The Right Treatment?

August 19, 2022

There is a range of treatments available for lower back pain, so how can you be sure that you’re getting the right treatment for your … Read more

senior man checking his blood pressure to avoid stroke

Physical Therapy After A Stroke: What You Need to Know

August 12, 2022

Physical therapy is an important aspect of post-stroke rehabilitation. It aims to help stroke patients relearn the motor activities necessary to improve movement and function … Read more

In Our Communities

Aota Conference

AOTA Conference in Dallas, TX 2022

Our team had a great time at the American Occupational Therapy Association’s annual conference in Dallas, TX. We met so many other Occupational Therapists from … Read more

Round Rock Rehab

Endeavor Rehab Center acquires Round Rock Rehab

Our friends at Endeavor Rehab added Round Rock Rehab to the H2 Health family! Read all about it in our press release below… Transaction expands … Read more

Ept Logo (h2)

H2 Health Announces the Acquisition of Endeavor Rehab Center

Check out our press release for the newest addition to the H2 Health family… H2 Health Announces the Acquisition of Endeavor Rehab CenterThe transaction expands … Read more

Ky Relief Fund

H2 Health raised over 12,000 dollars for Kentucky relief

When our communities in Kentucky were leveled by devastating tornadoes, we knew we wanted to do something to help. With the help of many of … Read more

Great Strides Newsletter

Our pediatric partners Great Strides Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL published a great newsletter announcing our partnership and highlighting their dedication to the community. Great Strides … Read more

Florida Strider’s January Newsletter

Florida Striders, a local Jacksonville running club, partners with H2 Health to keep their runners healthy. We love working with our active partners. A key … Read more

H2 Health Adds Eight New Outpatient Therapy Locations in West Virginia and Maryland

H2 Health Announces the Acquisition of Rankin Physical TherapyTransaction expands H2’s regional coverage throughout West Virginia and Mid AtlanticJacksonville, Florida — December 30, 2021 — … Read more

Berea Staff Donates $400 Dollars To The Gray Matters Foundation. The Staff Paid $5 On Fridays To Wear Jeans And Assist This Charity In The Research For Brain Cancer.

H2 Health at Berea, KY donates over $400 to the Gray Matters Foundation

Our Berea, KY staff graciously donated $400 dollars to the Gray Matters Foundation! The staff paid $5 on Fridays to wear jeans to assist this … Read more

Icemen Physicals2

Jacksonville Icemen get ready for the season with H2 Health!

We love working with the Jacksonville Icemen hockey team to ensure they are ready and healthy to play in the 2021-2022 season. It is important … Read more


School Supply Drive

As a company-wide initiative to support our local communities, H2 Health clinicians, patients, and partners collected thousands of much-needed school supplies to distribute to local … Read more

In the know

E-book: Pain Free Feet

Your feet are essential to everyday life; they get you to where you need to go, they hold you up straight and even help your … Read more

E-book: Balance

If you suffer from balance issues and instability, you know how much it interrupts your every day life. The good news is you don’t have … Read more

E-book: ASTYM

ASTYM is a great tool in a therapist’s toolbox to keep our patients active and healthy. Curious if ASTYM is a good treatment option for … Read more

E-book: Healthy Lifestyles

We all strive to live a healthier lifestyle. Start with this guide and the help of your H2 Health team! From exercise to nutrition, read … Read more

E-book: Injury Prevention

As we exercise and strive to live an active lifestyle, we incur injuries more often. Don’t let an injury slow you down! Follow these tips … Read more

E-book: Aquatic Therapy

Have questions about aquatic therapy? We answer them all here!

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