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5 Signs of Physical Therapy Benefits

Are you considering physical therapy to help alleviate pain or improve your mobility? In most cases, physical therapy is a great way to reduce symptoms and regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion. It is a non-invasive therapy that can benefit people with conditions that range from arthritis and injuries to the motor and sensory conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

Anyone who is doing physical therapy exercises should start to feel better pretty quickly. If you are wondering how to tell if physical therapy is working for you, here are 5 common signs that indicate just that.

#1 Reduced Pain Levels

One of the most obvious indicators that physical therapy is positively influencing your condition is a decrease in pain. If after a few weeks of treatment sessions with a qualified therapist, there has been a noticeable improvement in terms of reduced discomfort or pain, this could be attributed to the work done by your therapist during the sessions. This does not mean that all pain will disappear the moment you start your program. However, it should get progressively better, especially as you move through the stages of the treatment program.

#2 Improved Mobility

Another sign that your physical therapy is effective is an improved range of motion or flexibility when performing certain activities/exercises prescribed by your physical therapist. As muscles become stronger, better conditioned, and more flexible, they have a greater ability to do certain movements without feeling restricted, which can lead to greater activity tolerance over time, as well as being able to perform daily tasks with less difficulty than before starting physical therapy. As you improve, you will move to physical therapy exercises that require greater strength and endurance. Everyday living will become easier gradually, making you more independent and mobile.

#3 Increased Strength

With consistent participation in various exercises, such as weightlifting and stretching, prescribed by a physical therapist, patients should begin to see a gradual increase in their muscular strength over time, leading to enhanced performance while doing everyday activities like walking, running, lifting things, and going up and down stairs. Additionally, notable gains obtained from these types of workouts typically translate into a lowered risk of injury, since the body is now better prepared to handle strenuous scenarios.

#4 Greater Endurance

Alongside better muscle strength through regular exercise comes improved endurance levels, allowing you to engage in longer periods of intense activities without becoming fatigued. For example, long-distance runners who incorporate specific strengthening drills as part of their training regimen usually find themselves capable of running farther distances at faster times compared to before they commenced any type of rehab program, thus reinforcing its effectiveness in aiding athletes to reach peak fitness goals. You may find that walking to your place of work or the grocery store is easier since beginning physical therapy. These small changes will improve your quality of life and let you partake in more activities that you enjoy than before.

#5 Improved Posture and Balance

Another indication of a successful outcome from participating in physical therapy services involves patients exhibiting a much straighter posture, as well as displaying better balance when standing, walking, and sitting down. These positive developments signify further progress in the rehabilitation process, indicating the individual’s body is adapting to new changes brought on by the program, ultimately resulting in a healthier lifestyle and better-quality life experiences, too.

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