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3 Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

If you’ve been to a pool, you know how good and soothing it feels when you float weightlessly in water – prominently because water helps your muscles relax. But did you know there is also a therapy that utilizes all the beneficial properties of water to treat injuries and improve overall health? This therapy is called aquatic therapy.

Aquatic or water therapy uses the physical properties of water to achieve physical therapy goals. During aquatic therapy, your physical therapist designs teach, and supervises hands-on therapy techniques and specific body movements to assist you with your physical performance.

Let’s discuss the top 3 benefits of aquatic therapy and where you can go for guided aquatic therapy across the US.

#1 Aquatic Therapy Reduce Pain Sensitivity and Swelling

When it comes to musculoskeletal system pain relief, there is no better exercise than aquatic therapy.

The water of the aqua therapy pool slows and buffers your movement and reduces the pain incidence. A recent study has also found that the exercises that are performed in water have a significant effect on pain.

Aquatic therapy can not only improve pain levels, but with each session, it increases the serotonin levels in the brain, which improves your overall mood.

Additionally, aquatic therapy reduces swelling as the water pressure moves the fluid from the injured area back into the body.

#2 Aquatic Therapy Ease Movements

Water is an excellent medium that supports and assists your movements. It provides resistance as well as assistance to ease your movements.

Water offers approximately 600 to 700 times more resistance to your muscles, which strengthens the muscles without pressure. Similarly, due to buoyancy (the force of a water we experience as upthrust), water supports your weight and reduces the pressure off the joints, thus easing your joint movements.

Due to the ability of aqua therapy to ease movements, it is recommended for people who can’t put full weight on their joints after surgery or due to muscle weakness. It is also best for people who are prone to falls.

#3 Aquatic Therapy Promotes Muscle Relaxation

The aqua therapy pool is heated to around 91 to 92 degrees. The warmth of the water dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow toward the injured area, and brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This also relaxes muscles and soft tissues decrease muscle tone and spasms and increases the range of movement.

Aquatic Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re considering aquatic therapy to move better, recover from injury, or improve your overall health, visit us here at H2 Health. We offer aquatic physical therapy exercises in addition to normal physical therapy treatments. With no risk of injury and added relaxation from water, our physical therapists help you reduce injuries, gain muscle strength, and live better every day.

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